Called to Serve.

Some preach sermons, some write books or songs, others hold orphans and heal the sick. We make t-shirts. In the kingdom we are the servants, the butlers, the maids. I tip my hat to the ones doing the dirty work out there in the mission field while I sit behind my iMac pumping out Christian fashion t-shirt graphics and custom t-shirt designs for youth groups. While traveling to Europe, The UK, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Africa, a few orphanages, Tamil Nadu, India and many neighborhoods in our own backyard I have seen the mission field I've  always heard about (and romanticized) in church and let me tell you something, it is no joke. Serving people is hard. Especially when it is hot, you are tired and they serve you rotten fish every day, even in spaghetti (not complaining some eat less than once a week). There may be a time when I am called to travel again, but for now God has blessed me with this brand, this staff and family and a vision to remind brothers and sisters in Christ about this hope we have. Sometimes I think that if it weren't for Christian apparel I might have been swept off into some other passion or philosophy that may have taken my eyes off Christ. Being in the scriptures and seeking clarity in some of the confusing concepts keep me interested and motivated to learn more. Because of God's patience with me we are able to thrive and support others.

Each year Twice Born, Inc chooses a ministry or a couple to support and feature to our followers for support. There are so many organizations supporting worthy causes. In 2016, Twice Born will be promoting Ends of the Earth Cycling.

They ask for your support in a interactive experience that includes challenging your body, mind and soul. Learn more.