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Twice Born Story Continued

Jayme Brandt - Monday, August 11, 2014 | Comments (0)

Did you know that we design every single Christian t-shirt design on this site?  Twice Born, Inc owns brands like Gardenfire, Micah68, Fish Shticks and some of the other cool Christian brands you see at Christian retail stores, Christian festivals and other cool Christian events.

 Twice Born was originally established in 2004 as a DBA for our owner, Jayme Brandt and became the name of his illustration company. Jayme has designed for many nationally recognized companies such as Vanity Fair, Star Wars, Warner Bros, NFL, MLB, FCA, Young Life, Compassion International, Kerusso, Travel Channel, World Impact, Mercy Ships, The Voice of the Martyrs and The Grand Ole Opry. 

In 2007, he launched the first apparel brand. This Christian t-shirt brand was named Gardenfire, a neologism that means a burning flower that is actively growing and spreading flames. Remember the fire flowers in Super Mario Bros? A flower would pop up out of a box or something and Mario or Luigi would touch it only to find their wardrobe change to a white shirt and a sudden gift of flame throwing would appear. This is probably a really lame analogy, but it is like being saved, your sins turned white as show, your garment changed to a white robe, the Holy Spirit fills you with power, the baptism of fire, the desire to save the Princess takes you over, wait, no that is going too far! Like in many of the Gardenfire Christian t-shirt designs; pop culture, video games and movies have a powerful influence in our design. However, the apparel line gets deeper with designs like the head-turning "This T-shirt is Illegal" design. Millions of people have seen the Illegal t-shirt or worn this famous design and they will tell you it is a conversation starter to say the least.

 If you love the LORD, love Christian t-shirts and Christian art and have a sense of humor you will enjoy surfing the pages of this Christian t-shirt and apparel site. Share it with your friends and help us reach as many people as we can. If you are not a believer, I hope you feel comfortable to ask questions or make comments. Feel free to email the owner : We are not easily offended and we want to be available. We believe that the cross, trusting the Bible and loving our Savior will seem foolish to you.  It is understandable without experiencing Him It will look like another religion. Another lie. Maybe you've been there, done that or you have had bad experiences. Unfortunately, you will find flaws, mistakes, inconsistency, and worse here and in our daily lives. We are imperfect people who love a perfect God. A God who loves you and has a purpose for you. As you will see from watching Christians, you do not have to be perfect to be saved. If life is a test, there is only one question you must answer correctly. By accepting Christ as the LORD of your life you will begin to be perfected.